Introducing: Success thru Style Live!

Cyndy Porter Success thru Style personal branding webinar

Do you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear? 

Do you look in the mirror and focus on your flaws not your strengths?

Are you uncertain that you are communicating the best version of yourself to the world?

Do you wish you left your house with the confidence that you looked great every single day?

 If you said yes…

Success thru Style LIVE! is for you.

cyndy porter success thru style avatarIn the Success thru Style Live! Introductory Workshop:

  • You will begin the process of creating a personal brand that communicates who you are and gets you noticed.

  • You will learn how to showcase your best features using the seven elements of art.

  • You will learn about your body and how to dress your shape to look your best.

  • You will be introduced to color theory, what colors look great on you and what colors you should avoid.


Are you ready to jump into Cyndy’s six week Success thru Style LIVE! webinar? 

The next series begins Wednesdays, September 6, 2017, from 7-8 PM (Six Wednesdays, through October 18, 2017)

In this six week class:

You will dig deep into your personal brand ensuring you authentically communicate the image you want to project every day.

You will learn how to OWN YOUR STYLE by learning the seven elements of art and how each of them relates to how to dress your best for all occasions.

You will discover the art of accessorizing and how to bring out your best features, communicate who you are, and show-up with style.

Hair and Makeup are an essential aspect of your image and style and these topics will be covered as well.

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