Success thru Style VIP Style Day

Spend the day with Cyndy focused on nothing but you and your style. VIP Style Day options include:

  • VIP Wardrobe Assessment. Let Cyndy analyze your lifestyle and determine what type of wardrobe you need to succeed. Together, you and Cyndy will map out what items you should hold onto and what is missing from your closet.

  • VIP Closet Analysis. This includes a detailed assessment of the clothes you own, the creation of outfits that you can wear immediately and a list of clothes that you should buy to complete as many outfits as possible. With Cyndy’s help, you will complete outfits including jewelry, shoes, and bags and work to maximize each piece of clothing you already own.

  • Integration of New Items. Has Cyndy shopped for you online? Do you need those items integrated into your closet, maximizing the value of each piece? Do you want to create powerful looks that get you noticed? You’re the VIP, let Cyndy put the finishing touches on your new style and personal brand.

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